A supplement that 


Supports energy & repair functions*



I feel tired sometimes*


I feel tired often*


30 - 60 DAYS 


Key Element supplement supports functions that are crucial for maintaining good health and healthy, young-looking skin*


  • Energy and vitality in cells, including stem cells.*

  • Balanced hormonal function.*

  • Antioxidant and repair mechanisms.*

60 - 90 DAYS 


Consistency creates results! Balanced cellular energy and hormonal function can help you see improvements in many aspects of your wellness, all of which are crucial for skin:

  • Balanced sleep.*

  • Exercise and weight loss.*

  • Balanced mood and concentration.* 

90 DAYS +


We age daily. We should anti-age daily as well. That's where Key Element comes in.*

  • Look and feel your best.*
  • Build stronger, more resilient cells.*

  • Stay active and energized.*


Scientists found a molecule that turns on energy and repair in our cells

And we've created a next-generation anti-aging  supplement


•  Multifunctional 

•  Backed by studies

•  Unique technology


Agixen® (Sodium Succinate)

400mg capsules

Dr. Boris Gorinshtein, Ph.D.

In our bodies, succinate (Agixen®) acts as a sensor and a first responder – achemical messenger that jump starts the body’s repair mechanisms andcoordinates their responses to injury/dysfunction.

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Agixen® releases chemical signals that promote energy and repair.*

In response to the signals, the body releases additional resources (hormones, energy, etc.) needed to repair aging function/tissues.*

Aging issues/functions get a rejuvenating boost.*

#1 cause of wrinkles is Lack of energy

It's very simple. When there's sufficient energy, it ages slower. When there isn't, it ages faster. Traditional energy boosters won't work. You need natural, balanced energy. The kind that makes your skin glow. Key Element helps make more of it.*


VIEW FEATURED testimonials 

Essential in my skincare routine 

Skincare products that actually show results make me do a happy dance literally. And Key Element anti-aging Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid serum & supplements have turned out to be essential in my skincare routine. I love that my skin has been positively glowing and that the products are fragrance free. 

Falak Sid

Exceeded my expectations! 

I give this product a perfect score, because I definitely noticed positive dynamics in my overall wellness. I have taken this supplement for one month now and it not only met but also exceeded my expectations! Recently, I felt like I hit the wall with my diet and exercise. Overall, I think Key element lived up to its name. It really did give me that crucial element that made all my other efforts more effective! I work out with extra energy, which improves my physical performance and stamina, which, in turn helped me meet my weight loss goals! I highly recommend this product to anyone!

S. Latifi

I got the necessary boost.

I have taken this supplement for 25 days. The thing I like about it is that the effects feel very natural, unlike the jitters that comes from stuff like caffeine. At a time when I started testing this product, I was working on a very demanding project. I feel like I got the necessary boost for my efforts, which required a lot of energy and focus.

Stevie Cary

Under-promises and over-delivers.

As a fitness professional, I value things that bring real results. Key Element supplement definitely fits in this category. I’m normally skeptical about extraordinary claims by supplements, so it’s especially gratifying when you comes across a product that under-promises and over-delivers. Due to my work, as a Gravitational Wellness coach, I have to constantly move around heavy weights – sometimes in thousands of pounds - with barbell plates ranging from 11lb to 90lb. Since I’m now over 60 years old, energy is no longer an easily renewable resource. After using Key Element for about a month, I’m very happy with results and I’m looking to incorporate it into my daily supplement regimen.

V. Chubinsky

I've never felt so good!

For the past 30 days I've been using the Mature Skin Rescue kit for my skin. At night I used the noir serum. In the day, I used the blanc serum. I also took a supplement containing sodium succinate. I've never felt so good! My skin looks vibrant and healthy and has a glow to it. 


Going like an Energizer bunny! 

I was initially sold on its anti-aging properties. I didn’t expect that I would start enjoying it so much so soon! Normally, you wouldn’t expect much from an anti-aging product in terms of what you get today, but this little capsule is pure magic. I definitely experienced improvements across the board. I didn’t experience the kind of a boost you get from an energy drink. Instead, it was just normal, steady, energy, with no downtime. Basically, I feel like it’s just the best version of me, going like an Energizer bunny. This supplement works great for me. I feel like my performance at work has improved as well, with better focus and attention to detail. Thanks!

Victoria Telychko, Atlanta GA

My energy was very constant.

This supplement is excellent and I really liked it! I am 67 years old and, sometimes, I feel like I need more energy throughout the day. When I started to take it, I noticed the following:1. My energy was very constant and I did NOT have any ups or downs even during days filled with physical activity! It supported very EVEN energy and stamina!2. My focus and concentration also were very good!3. I take antihistamines for my allergy on the regular basis. During the time I was taking the supplement, I did not feel the need for my allergy meds.Hope to do it again!

D.H. Bouchard

Extraordinary experience.

As recommended by my naturopath, I took a dietary supplement, Sodium Succinate, for 30 days from about 12 days into my radiation treatment. Throughout my treatment and continuing after treatment, I never felt tired or lost any energy. I worked out heavily during the period and lost no strength at any time—in fact, I was able to increase my workout regimen toward the end of treatment. I had extraordinary experience with this product.



What are the ingredients in Key Element Supplement?

Each capsule contains:  

Agixen® (Sodium Succinate) 400mg

Other ingredients: 

Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium Dioxide, Water.

What sets Key Element apart from energy supplements?

Key Element helps create energy by activating the body’s repair response, which promotes rejuvenation. Energy supplements and drinks help boost energy by activating the body’s stress response, which contributes to aging.*

What other effects can I expect besides energy?

In addition to supporting balanced energy levels, customers commonly notice improvements in stamina and recovery. Because it works by supporting repair and balance, how you benefit from this supplement depends on what your body is dealing with at the moment. For instance, if you are going through perimenopause, your results may be different than if you were simply experiencing chronic fatigue or stress.*

 Can I take it with other supplements or medications?

SUPPLEMENTS: Key Element supplement is perfectly compatible with other supplements. In fact, it can help you achieve a breakthrough with your other wellness & beauty efforts.

MEDICATIONS: if you have a medical condition for which you're taking a medication, you shouldn't take any new supplements before consulting your physician.

When should I pair it with a Key Element serum?

In cases when signs of aging are more advanced or are developing rapidly, we recommend a Mature Skin Rescue Kit, which pairs the supplement with two serums (morning & evening). Key Element products are designed to work synergistically to promote rejuvenation in the body as well as targeted areas of the skin.*

What if I'm going through perimenopause/menopause?

It's a great idea to take Key Element supplement at any point of menopause transition, when hormonal imbalance drives rapid aging. In clinical studies, succinate formulations have been shown to help restore hormonal balance and help with dry and itchy skin, hot flashes, difficulty sleeping, mood changes, and even weight gain.*

Also, since caffeine is not recommended (it it may further upset hormonal balance, and may also cause acne) Key Element could be your best bet to support energy during this time.*

What is different about Key Element technology?

Our revolutionary technology creates ingredients that "speak" with our cells through chemical messengers to promote energy and repair in cells.* The purity, potency and bioavailability of Key Element meet USP-1 standard for pharmaceutical ingredients. No other succinate supplement in the US meets this standard.


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