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Our skin is subject to external and internal aging, which makes this remarkably effective supplement a key element in your anti-aging efforts. Based on our proprietary Agixen®, it supports hormonal function, promotes cellular energy, and helps prevent buildup of free radicals, all of which is extremely important for the skin. As the most exposed part of the body, your facial skin is highly dependent on hormones and energy to fight off free radicals and repair the damage resulting from the combination of internal and external stressors.*


You get tired faster. Not getting enough sleep. Weight gain becomes more stubborn. You may get hot flashes. Skin begins to age faster. After 40, declining hormones and cellular energy may significantly affect your quality of life, and also prevent you from achieving the results you want. You may notice that your body isn't responding as well to diet and exercise efforts, and skincare products appear less effective.


Supporting balanced hormonal and mitochondrial (energy-producing) functions can help you unlock the effectiveness anti-aging skincare, boost your diet and exercise efforts, and promote overall well-being.*


The capsules are very small and easy to swallow. We are the only company in the US offering stabilized pharmaceutical-grade Sodium Succinate that meets UCP41 standard set by US Pharmacopeia.


Feel rejuvenated with healthy energy and balance! In studies formulations using this ingredient helped reverse multiple signs of hormonal aging in women over 40.* We are so confident that you’ll love the results, that we offer a 100% Guarantee with Free Shipping & Returns.

Normally, you wouldn’t expect much from an anti-aging product in terms of what you get today, but this little capsule is pure magic. I definitely experienced improvements across the board!

Victoria Telychko, Atlanta

Take 1-2 capsules per day preferably after breakfast


Succinate fuels energy production in the mitochondria (cellular power plant), which powers all cells in the body, regulates aging, and sustains life.


The only molecules in human cells that simultaneously generate energy and act as antioxidants that prevents accumulation of free radicals.


Succinate has a proven hormone-like signaling function. The body uses succinate signaling to promote optimal levels of hormones and activate self-repair functions.


In its triple role as energy/antioxidant/signaling molecule, succinate promotes healthy stem cell function, which is key for creating new skin cells.


Science is clear - succinate is a key element in the aging process. This doesn't mean, however, that succinate produced at a factory will act the same way as succinate that occurs naturally in our cells. In order to effectively interact with the human body, succinate the ingredient must be bio-identical to succinate  found in our cells. 


In order to create Agixen® molecules that resemble succinate found in our own cells, we use proprietary technology called MRT (Molecular Rejuvenation Technology).  MRT is the result of work spanning 45 years of research, clinical studies, and two US patents. Because the process of creating bioactive succinate is highly complex and expensive, we are able to produce only limited amounts of Agixen® every year. But the results are worth it! Products containing Agixen® are subject to availability.

Agixen® (Sodium Succinate) is one of the most versatile and beneficial anti-aging supplements available today. It’s biological roles are well established by scientific studies and clinical trials. Succinate plays crucial role in mitochondrial and hypothalamic (hormone-regulation) functions, which are key to slowing down the aging process.

Dr. Tom Chen, PhD.